NSF Domestic Water Treatment Services

Industrial Water offers a unique water treatment program to control scale, corrosion and metal leaching in municipal and domestic water systems and applications. Our team presents over 80 years of experience in working with pretreatment systems. We design and build a treatment system and approach unique to each customer. We understand the water quality needs and expectations at each customer site.

Problems of Poor Water Treatment

  • Untreated systems result in increased costs
  • Loss of hot water flow
  • Loss of water pressure
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Mechanical problems with recirculating pumps, fixtures, boiler scale
  • Water heater and boiler useful life is degraded and reduced.
  • Fuel use and maintenance costs increase from 50-100%.
  • Maintenance, man hours & replacement costs are increased.
  • Residents and end user complaints drastically increase.
  • Carbon emissions are doubled for each water heating unit.

Industrial Water Solutions


Continuous, Monthly Service Commitment

  • Testing, documentation, reporting


  • NSF Standard 60 Certified and approved
  • IWT 220 is specifically formulated to handle high hardness and alkalinity water sources
  • Dissolves scale slowly
  • Safe system operations, no upsets

Mechanical Solutions

  • Pre-treatment equipment
  • Maintaining equipment
  • Softening
Industrial Water treatment equipment
Industrial Water treatment equipment

Both chemical and softening require proper maintenance, oversight and monitoring from an industry expert.

Industrial Water’s Service Commitments


To ensure success of all aspects of the water treatment program


System assurance and equipment preservation


Continuous improvement projects and recommendations


Track and provide desired KPIs (key performance indicators)


Present new technologies, where permissible, and new ideas in the industry


Conduct water treatment training sessions as necessary